Seed acorn

Question: sow an acorn

hi, I wanted to have info on how I can grow a bonsai oak starting from the seed. Above all I would like to know with which seed.

Seed acorn: Answer: sow an acorn

Dear Carmine,
the oaks are bonsai also suitable for beginners, because they tolerate the climatic conditions of our country quite well, both in summer and in winter, and therefore you will not have to look for a particular place for your plant, but you can leave it quietly outdoors for everything year round But on the other hand many species of oak have very large leaves, and it is difficult to promote the growth of minute foliage, and the oaks grown in pots tend to be affected with great ease by fungal diseases, such as rust Oidium and scab, against which dorai periodically make treatments with cupric fungicides. One moment, though, you still don't have an oak; oaks are medium-sized trees, very elegant, widespread in nature in Europe, Asia and North America; there are many species of oak, and before thinking about how to get the seeds, you will have to decide what kind of oak you prefer, because a holm oak and a red oak at first sight do not have much in common. In addition to personal tastes, it is not easy to find the acorns of the type we have chosen: some oaks also grow in our forests, or are used as street trees; for this reason it is very easy to find holm-oak acorns in the autumn, along the streets of your city probably, or even of quercus coccifera, or of quercus robur. Some species of oak instead are not easy to find in nature or in our cities, for example the red oak is a typical tree of the woods of North America, and the easiest way to have an acorn is to buy it (provided that your neighbor doesn't have one in the garden, you never know). So, the ways to get acorns are various: many online stores and bonsai shops sell acorns of various species, and many oaks are found in Italian parks and gardens, as well as in the woods. The acorns ripen late in the autumn, so the best time to try planting an acorn is just between the months of October or November: put them in a vase, just put them on the damp ground, and keep the vase outdoors, so that it feels winter cold and air humidity. They usually sprout without major problems, but only if they lightly file the leathery sheath that encloses them, so as to favor water penetration. You can sow the acorns even in the spring, but in this case you will have to leave them for a few weeks in the refrigerator, or they will sprout with difficulty. Once the seedlings are obtained, ponile in large pots, but only after shortening the taproot root, so as to obtain over time an enlarged root system; and then for a few years keep the taproot shortened every year, and prune the young plants to form them as bonsai. The art of creating a seed bonsai involves a long time, so you will have plenty of time to buy some good bonsaism manuals and to attend some shows, so as to "make you eye" on the shapes you like and styles most used.