Red maple (tree) sick

Question: sick red maple (tree)

Hi I have a red maple (tree) for 3 years, which has for some 'time on a part of the trunk a kind of crack, of grinding and peeling on that point also the vegetation is scarce, I fear for the health of my plant, what can I do? thanks in advance greetings

Answer: sick red maple (tree)

Gentile Valentina,
the cracks on the shaft of the trees are never a tranquilizing symptom, especially if accompanied by a scarce and not very luxuriant vegetation; these are often fungal problems or so-called dreaded cancers; these are mushrooms that reach the gardens starting from the infected plants, through the spores that are propagated by the wind; once arrived on a plant, these mushrooms can remain dormant even for a long time, until they find a wound on the stems, or a large pruning wound, within which they nest, then colonizing also the wood. The seriousness of the problem depends on how deep the fungus has penetrated, and often it is possible to solve the problem simply by removing the branches affected by the parasite. In your case, tell us that the crack is on the trunk, it is therefore impossible to cut the branch upstream of the wound. You can try to stop the problem by digging the slit slightly, to check if the wood inside is healthy or not. If it is healthy, of a nice light color, compact and fresh, then cover the crack with pruning putty, also containing a broad spectrum fungicide, and in this case it is not a fungal problem but a split due to other problems, such as intense cold or excessive humidity, which may have also affected the development of the entire tree. If, on the contrary, the wood is of a strange color, orange or yellow, or even dark inside the split, it means that the fungus has penetrated in depth: every single part of infected wood must be removed and destroyed, in a meticulous way, even at the cost of produce a large hole in the shaft of the tree. After having chiseled the surface of the wood well, removing all the diseased parts, we proceed to distribute on the surface of the broad spectrum fungicide, so as to avoid the further spread of the disease; after you have cleaned well, disinfect the tools you have used and remove a thin layer again, only then put the fungicide. If the excavation you carried out is not very deep, cover everything with pruning mastic; if instead you have been forced to produce a large gallery, before closing with the putty you can place in the empty space the filling material, such as plastic or wax, or all putty for pruning. Following these operations, you will need to check that the water cannot penetrate into the hole you are digging.