Pneumatic pruner for olives

Chain model

There are different models of automatic pruners for chain olives. Many are equipped with a chain self-lubrication system, in order to make their activity more fluid and effective. They are very powerful tools, but at the same time light and easy to handle: this is a basic feature, as it allows the operator not to tire even after many hours of activity and even in working and cutting conditions that are not always easy. The pneumatic pruner for olives guarantees excellent performance both when it is used through a direct handle, and if it is preferred to mount it on a special extension rod. In this second case it is possible to cut branches even with a section of 200 mm and up at 5 meters high, without having to resort to using a ladder.


Each pneumatic pruner has its own characteristics, which must be carefully checked to be able to choose the best instrument based on the activity to be carried out. However, most of the models on the market have some technical elements and equipment that guarantee their safety and ease of use: for example, they start with the handle, which generally includes special active and passive safety devices. Furthermore, it is advisable to verify the certification according to Directive 98/37 / EEC. On all the models there is a predisposition to be able to mount the tool on an extension rod; moreover, the motor body is often made of magnesium, in order to facilitate heat exchange and thus prevent condensation from freezing over very low temperatures.

Maintenance of pneumatic pruners

A wide range of pneumatic pruners for olive pruning and for treating large branches is available on the market. Generally this tool is used in all those activities connected with the traditional pruning of fruit trees: moreover it is very useful for all the jobs related to the maintenance of green areas. The shape of the pneumatic pruner is specially designed to make movements easy and smooth. Clearly each tool needs the right maintenance in order to preserve all its characteristics over time. Generally the different types of pruners are equipped with special oil tanks to carry out the automatic lubrication of the chain, through the exhaust-engine air: in addition small measures are necessary to verify the constant good functioning of the instrument.

Pneumatic pruner for olives: Special features

This tool allows you to carry out pruning work with great ease and ease of use. Each operator can count on the help of this instrument, which in some cases also has special features that make the pruning activity even easier and more effective. The pruner bar can also have a "carving" profile, specially designed to achieve maximum resistance during the entire pruning activity, as well as better penetration of the cut. Hand protection is also available, with the possibility of operating the inertial chain brake, in order to avoid the kickback effect. Thanks to the homologation on the rod, the pneumatic pruner allows pruning without the need for ladders or self-propelled carts. It is in fact possible to reach up to 4 meters in height, with an easy use thanks to the extreme lightness.