Use of the husqvarna chainsaw

Husqvarna: a wide range of products

Husqvarna is a well-established brand in the gardening sector that offers various equipment, including chainsaws, power cutters and lawnmowers (also in a robotized version). The proposed chainsaws are of various types and are divided into two different ranges: the first, more economical and simple, is intended for the private user, while the second includes chainsaws equipped with specific peculiarities particularly aimed at professional users. In the next section one of the chainsaws belonging to the line produced for private use will be described, while in the next one another chainsaw will be reviewed, this time proposed by Husqvarna for use in the professional environment. By comparing the two products, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The Husqvarna chainsaw for private use

The Husqvarna 317EL chainsaw belongs to the line intended for private use. This is an electric saw operating by means of a power socket: in this there is a significant advantage in terms of consumption and environmental protection compared to a chainsaw with a petrol engine. Despite being aimed at the non-professional user, this electric saw is approaching in terms of performance to those offered by the professional line: in fact it has a power of 1700 W and a very low noise level, and can be used safely both in an internal environment and in 'open. In order for the chainsaw to work properly, the power supply must have a voltage of 230 V. The lubricating oil tank has a capacity of 0.1 l and the pump is automatic. The length of the bar is 356 mm while the pitch of the chain (which, at maximum power reaches a speed of almost 15 m / s) is 3/8 "LP. The approximate price for the purchase of this electric saw is approximately 50250.

The Husqvarna chainsaw for professional use

The Husqvarna T536Li XP is a chainsaw belonging to the line intended for professional use. Also this, like the previous one, is an electric saw, with a fundamental difference: this one is not powered by a power outlet, but by battery: this makes this product particularly versatile in use during frequent movements. Another difference compared to the chainsaw for private use lies in the capacity of the lubrication oil tank, which has a capacity of 0.2 l. But the peculiarity of this product lies above all in its ergonomic design, which guaranteed it the 2013 Reddot Design Award, one of the most well-known awards for product design. Compared to that in the chainsaw mentioned in the previous paragraph, in this the chain reaches the speed of 20 m / s at maximum power, and this increased power makes the product suitable for arboriculture work. The product is sold for around 0001000.

Use of the husqvarna chainsaw: Final Notes

Once you have decided which chainsaw is best suited to your needs, and once you have purchased a Husqvarna product, you have the option of also purchasing spare parts, again from the same company. In addition to these Husqvarna also sells lubricating oil and various accessories, including canisters, sharpening tools and protective work clothes. Finally, it also offers efficient technical support, which includes searching for your nearest Husqvarna retailer, who can request assistance and deliver your own chainsaw in the event of a breakdown. Both the wide range of accessories that can be easily purchased from the official website or from an authorized retailer, as well as the assistance service, all combined with the variety of product choices, make the Husqvarna brand a valid solution for gardening.