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Diseases of tomatoes

The main tomatoes diseases If fungal diseases occur, the affected plants must be eradicated immediately, bearing in mind that some spores can remain in the soil and strike again in the following years. In all these cases, copper treatment can prevent the onset of disease.
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Herbalist's shop

In addition to flowers, plants and vegetables, there are also countless medicinal plants that can be grown at home that can be used for a variety of purposes. In herbal medicine we will teach you to recognize, to use and to cultivate the best medicinal plants, to allow even beginners to grow these very useful plants in the garden or on the balcony of the house.
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Apartment plants


How and how much to water the Schefflera The schefflera is a pot plant of tropical origin, used mostly inside the apartments for the beauty of its dark leaves and filigree. The watering of this plant is similar to that of the other plants of tropical origin, so it is very important to keep the plant moist.
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Plants for shaded flowerbed

Question: flowerbed in the shade Good evening, I have a small border flowerbed (about 2 meters long) which remains for almost all the day in the shade because the area is covered by a very lush maple, a beech tree and a hanging cedar. Can you advise me what to plant? I tried with the heather but the plants died.
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Bonsai fertilization tips

Question: Bonsai Fertilization Advice Hi! I'm Katia ... and I wanted advice on how to fertilize my bonsai if it's possible. When I bought my bonsai (I have a Ligustro, an Elm and a Ficus ginseng) about 4 weeks ago, I also bought liquid fertilizer for bonsai with microelements. But I have never fertilized yet.
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Poppy meaning

Red summer plumes: the common poppy The red poppy (Papaver rhoeas L.) is a herbaceous plant belonging to the Papaver family. Fragile and delicate, the poppy generally reaches a height of between sixty and eighty centimeters. The trunk of the rosolaccio (popular name of the common poppy), appears erect and hairy, the leaves are toothed and not enveloping with oblong or pointed lobes, however, divided into lanceolate segments.
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